Who Am I?

Now I know there’s a little “About Me” section of the website that you can look at (and by all means, go ahead, I worked hard on that), but I figured I’d have my first post tell a little about myself. I feel like doing anything else would be a little awkward. So here goes…
I grew up in west central Indiana in between corn and bean fields, but I was lucky enough to live along the Sugar Creek corridor. This area isn’t the typical flat Indiana landscape. It’s gorgeous. Don’t believe me? Just google Turkey Run State Park. That’s where I grew up with my four younger siblings. We spent our days hunting, fishing, digging ginseng, and doing anything else that had to with exploring the woods behind our house. That’s how everyone I grew up with lived. I had 38 kids in my graduating class; most of them I have known since preschool. It was literally the middle of nowhere, and I’m so grateful that it was.
FFA and 4-H were big where I grew up. Everyone had some affiliation to one or the other, and most kids,myself included, raised livestock. Both were big parts of my life. As a 9 year-old stubborn little girl, I set a goal to complete every 4-H project during my 10 year duration, and I did. I learned through both failure and success the value of responsibility and hard work, and that has shaped me into the person I am today. When I was old enough to join FFA, I jumped at the chance. That experience left me with some good and bad memories, but the best of all was my boyfriend Kyle. My school was small, so we obviously knew each other, but FFA is what brought us together. High school would have been a lot less interesting without him by my side. Plus, who else would watch for deer to let me sleep till daybreak when we go hunting? He’s the bomb.
I was the overachiever in high school. I had my near future planned out since the seventh grade. I was going to join just about every club and sport, earn Academic and Technical Honors diplomas, be valedictorian, and go to Purdue to study wildlife. All of those things and more happened, but now that I’m at Purdue, I’ve realized that I have absolutely no clue where I wanna go from here. It’s funny looking back thinking you have it all planned out and then realizing you really don’t have a clue.
In a dream world, I would find the perfect job as a deer biologist, but chances are slim that I’ll find that straight out of college. So, I’m learning to diversify myself and learn about all different natural resources. I may decide to go to graduate school, or I may not. I’m slowly learning that I can’t really plan out my next five years at this point in my life, and I’m okay with that.  Instead, I’ll keep spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend by hunting, fishing, binge-watching Netflix, and whatever else I happen to decide. And I’ll keep you updated on this blog 😊

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