Rachel’s Top Five Hunting Blogs for Women


In this day and age, women are continually making strides in the outdoor realm. We’re proving that we can do just as much as the boys can. Our numbers, which are growing every day, are still slim in comparison to this typically male-dominated sport. That’s fine and dandy. I don’t have a problem with the demographic composition of the hunting world because ultimately it is the shared goal that we, as conservationists, have that truly matters. Gender, religion, socioeconomic class; none of it matters.

However, occasionally it’s nice to listen to the perspective of people who are similar to you. That’s why I went on the search for 5 hunting/outdoor blogs that are geared towards women. Personally, I wanted to find places that empowered women and for that matter, all sportsmen. Yes, these blogs and the women who run them are excellent examples of women in the field, but they are also just great examples of outdoor enthusiasts in general.

ReelCamoGirl | www.reelcamogirl.com

First of all, this website is just plain awesome. It has so many features and things to explore that I honestly forgot I was looking for blogs in the first place. That’s how interesting and informative it is. It provides a platform for women to connect with each other and with the company via social media about their outdoor experiences. The blog provides visitors with everything from reviews to how-to’s. It’s a great place for beginning and experienced huntresses to get new information. The blog is great, but it’s not just a blog. It’s a social media platform, an article database, an online store, and a place for women who enjoy the outdoors to connect with one another. You definitely need to go check them out!

Huntress View | www.huntressview.com

The good thing about this blog is that the founder, Andrea Haas, created it because she knew the value of learning and bonding about hunting with other women. I know that I’m not alone when I say that I was introduced to the outdoors by my dad, but now that I’m in college, I understand just how vital it is that I have other women with whom I can share this interest. And believe me, finding them is harder than it seems. That’s why this blog is great. They test products, give tips and share their own stories to give women the information pertinent to them. Plus they have a store you should take a look at too!

Adventuress | betheadventuress.com

Well, this technically isn’t even a blog. You may ask, “Rachel, how can you include it in your top 5 blogs if it isn’t one?” Because I’m the author, and I can so 😝. Plus, it’s totally deserving. It’s a digital magazine, and I couldn’t help but include it in my top 5. It’s geared towards women and focuses not only on hunting, but also on all aspects of outdoor living; fishing, hunting, cooking, gardening, DIY. If it has something to do with the outdoors and country living, they’ve probably written an article about it. It’s relatively new, first being published in 2015, and gets released quarterly. The best thing about it? It’s absolutely free!

HuntFiber | huntfiber.com

This blog is a great place for female hunters to go to when looking for stories of the hunt. She does an amazing job at detailing her hunts, even from different perspectives. Another unique portion of her blog is the section that focuses on nutrition. Nutrition and exercise are important parts of the life of a huntress, especially if you live out west like the author does, and she gives great insight into her daily routines and how to implement them into your own life. Other attractions include a recipe section and a “How We Do It” section that encompasses everything from tips to lists. Make sure you don’t miss out on all that this blog has to offer!

The Writing Huntress | www.writinghuntress.com

The first thing that jumped into my mind when reading this blog is, “Holy Jesus this girl’s got a way with words.” Her extensive education and talent in writing is evident from the get-go, and she uses it to beautifully describe her hunts, as well as show her sarcasm. Her personality shines through her writing incredibly, especially when describing her Jackalope outfitting business. Her blog is like a novel, each post a story in and of itself that engages the reader and easily conveys its message, so if you’re looking for an entertaining and informative read, this is the blog for you!

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