7 Kick-Ass Reasons Ladies are the New Face of Hunting


The hunting industry is quickly evolving and ever-changing thanks in part to new technological innovations and the desire for fresh, organic food. With the rapid changes that have hit the hunting world, new players are coming into the game. And watch out boys, they’re taking over. The number of women participating in both shooting sports and registering as hunters has increased dramatically in the last fifteen years. According to the NRA, from 2003 to 2013 the number of registered female hunters skyrocketed from 1.3 million to 3.3 million.

So why does this matter? Because as the influence on society of social media increases, so does the opportunity for hunting to come into a bad light. We’ve seen it everywhere. Uninformed Antis spewing unnecessary hate and baseless propaganda. As hunters, we can spot their b.s. from a mile away, but for an inexperienced reader, it isn’t so easy. The hunting industry needs a new face that can be relatable and show the benefits of this way of life. And that’s where women come in. We’re basically here to save the day 💁

So here’s 7 Kick-Ass Reasons Ladies are the New Face of Hunting…

1. They realize they can…

Long gone are the days of the “men folk” heading out in the morning and leaving ladies to have a hot meal waiting for them when they get back. Women are demanding the opportunity to go out and hunt with the men. The stereotypes regarding women in the field have pretty much dissipated. And we’re jumping at the bit to go show we’re capable.

2. They finally have the gear…

Hunting with ill-fitting gear is a royal pain. I remember traipsing through the woods in my dad’s old hand-me-down bibs and it really hindered my ability to hunt efficiently. Now just about every sporting goods company has women’s lines with new products being added to the market everyday. We even have companies founded to fit the needs of the 21st century huntress with scent-free shampoo, conditioner, makeup, etc. like Just For Does. Even weapons are being designed specifically to maximize the potential of today’s female hunter. So not only will we be able to hunt efficiently and effectively, we’re also gonna look good doing it.

3. They’re looking for a local, organic food source…

The push to eat local has strengthened recently. These “locavores” are constantly looking for new ways to get their supper. What better way than harvesting wild game? Hunting is providing women a perfect platform to put dinner on the table in a whole new way. This demand has prompted a surge in recipes for wild game. Ladies are now involving themselves in every aspect of the harvest.

4. They’re finding new ways to bond with their family…

Growing up, some of my best memories were outdoors. Whether it’s spending a cold morning in the treestand with your mom or hooking a largemouth bass with your dad, family time in the outdoors allows for families to connect in ways that aren’t possible otherwise. Women are recognizing this and using shooting sports, fishing, camping, hiking, and hunting to spend time with their families and teach valuable skills as well as conservationist ideologies that can be carried on for generations.

5. They were raised around it…

Many of these new huntresses were raised around hunting in their childhood. Maybe their parents or grandparents did it. Maybe they did it as well. Whatever the case may be, the chances that women who were raised in a hunting family will carry on the tradition are pretty high. And who better to defend the hunting heritage than a lady who’s experienced enough to put the Antis in their place?

6. It provides a purpose…

Hunting provides a purpose for people. As ladies who spend most of their time in the outdoors, we develop an appreciation and understanding of the natural world that is inimitable. We assume the responsibility of caretaker and conservationist. We find a purpose in ensuring the sustainability of an ecosystem. And for some of us, it shows us our career path. If the principles of conservation and management weren’t instilled in me through hunting, I would definitely not be double-majoring in Wildlife and Forestry. Ladies are finding a greater purpose through hunting.

7. They enjoy the thrill and the challenge of the hunt…

Probably the most important reason women are becoming the new face of hunting is the enjoyment they get from the chase. It’s your heart pounding as you watch that big buck make his way through the brush. Or the joy overflowing from you voice as you call your hunting buddy to tell them you just downed a monster. It’s the reason we all keep coming back. Working for hours putting up stands, clearing shooting lanes, planting food plots, checking trail cameras, sitting in a cold stand, stalking for hundreds of yards, and more just to get that split second of truth when you pull the trigger or let the arrow fly. That’s why we come back. And that’s why women are coming to the forefront. They’re providing a new perspective to the hunting industry. And I think that’s pretty kick-ass.

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