The Heartland Huntress is a blog for female hunters, by female hunters. It was created with the idea in mind to promote conservation and empower other women to get outdoors.

Women are an ever-growing portion of the hunting and outdoor communities. Because of this, this blog aims to create an atmosphere where they can share their opinions and insight, as well as give a glance into the life of the every day huntress.

Rachel Grayless | Founder14702410_1454399941242945_6447394375435245340_n

Rachel grew up in West Central Indiana along the Sugar Creek Corridor. Living in the middle of the boonies provided her with ample opportunity to experience the great outdoors. She spent her free time as a kid hunting, fishing, and digging ginseng with her younger siblings. Her earliest memories of the outdoors involve hunting with her dad and little brother and fearing that the deer were going to steal her Barbie snow boots.

Now, Rachel attends Purdue University and is pursuing a double-major in Wildlife and Forestry. She is a member of the QDMA and the Wildlife Society. Rachel hopes to become a certified wildlife biologist who focuses on game species. But for now, she’ll continue to spend time with her family and friends in the outdoors and keep you updated on this blog.